Glidenet provides healthcare clients with a strategy and process framework to look holistically at all non-clinical expenses and their impact on business operations. The organization focuses on optimization of assets and processes with verifiable financial impact and deploys process driven approach that becomes part of the business culture.

Our team has helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies to develop and deploy cost reduction programs that have yielded hundreds of millions of non-core operating cost reductions. This experience has been translated to the healthcare sector by leveraging tools, systems, and expertise to many healthcare organizations trying to strategically reduce their operating costs. 

Total Operating Expense reductions of 2%–4% are typical. This process will provide healthcare executive leadership with accurate information and a process that will provide transparency of:

  • Current cost, configuration and profile across the portfolio in three non-clinical categories and 25 primary service lines.
  • Existing service level and requirements, as well as the management efficiency of the functions.
  • A Gap Analysis of the opportunity for improvement based on the organizations' readiness and constraints.
  • The information necessary for prioritization and resourcing the implementation in an easy-to-read format.
  • Execution support requirements from within the organization and from external resources.

Glidenet's cost optimization services are a performance-based commercial model which will provide valuable information and understanding of the opportunities to available to develop and deploy your systematic cost reduction program.